Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review: "Pastor Dad" by Mark Driscoll

I recently downloaded and read this short book by Pastor Mark Driscoll. 

You can get it for FREE ---> HERE

If you are remotely familiar with Mark Driscoll and his teaching style and focus, this book will not provide much in the way of "new" information.  However, that information is helpfully condensed and concentrated into very short, poignant chapters.

If you have never heard of Mark Driscoll or only heard his name being bantered about among other Christians, this is a great introductory summation of his teachings on men, marriage, and ministry.  The chapters are very brief and readable.  This makes it a very encouraging and easy book to read for those who do not typically spend much time with their noses in books (i.e. most men).

I love being a dad.  I am humbled and excited that God has made me the personal pastor of my wife and children.  It is a weighty, glorious calling.  I am often overwhelmed by the magnitude of what there is to be taught.  There is so much I have yet to understand.  Yet, I am not paralyzed into inactivity, but motivated into energetic purpose in leading my family to know and love God.

Whether or not the door of opportunity ever opens a way to another audience with whom God grants me influence, I will always be husband and father to those given me by God.  I love pastoring my children.  It is a joy to dwell on methods, materials, and means by which I can communicate and prepare my children to know and love God and the Gospel of His Christ.  I love leading my wife and thinking of myself as her husband, friend, lover, leader, and pastor.  These are not tasks or offices to which I am called because I came in or expect anytime soon to be what is rightly referred to as "qualified."  It is not a matter of being a husband or father.  I AM those things. No one questions if I am a husband or father. All married men are husbands and all men with children are fathers.

The question that is most poignant and substantive will be answered best by my wife and children when I am lowered into the ground before them:

"Was I a good husband or father?"

There are good husbands and bad ones.  Good fathers and bad ones.  No married man can skip this section of their resume at the judgment.  No father can skip their duties as "does not apply." If you neglect these areas to focus on work, hobby, friends, sports, technology, etc... you will not be credited for the investment you made into them, but chastized for your neglect of your wife and children.  I hate the fact that I feel I have to plead with men to love their wives and children.  It drives me absolutely bonkers.  But I am there at that point reminded how easily my dark heart could be equally as apathetic. 

Thank you Jesus for granting me love and concern and responsibility for my wife and children.  May You ever refresh my commitment to them in my commitment to You.  May I never serve them to the exception of You, but by serving You, always serve them.  You are good to give me these desires, drives, and ambitions.  I am humbled that I do not struggle to want to be a good husband and dad. 

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