Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For Whom The Bells Tolls

Rob Bell does not win. Jesus does, no matter how badly Rob Bell may try to rob Him of His glory.

God is love. Love is not God.

Rob Bell's book Love Wins is a radical departure from orthodox, historical Christianity. Most people will focus on the creative license given to the idea of hell. However, the most troubling implication of this post-modern heresy is that hell is unnecessary because we are not that bad and Jesus died mostly to give us an example of selflessness.

I am not attempting to state that Jesus' death in no way provides us an example. I am stating that if it primarly shows us how we should behave, it is Bad News. I do not take up my cross as often and in as many circumstances as I should. If my sin is not paid for in Christ, my debts are not satisfied. If my righteousness depends on my good deeds and obedience to the example shown to me, my righteouness is bloody tampons and fecal matter. You recoil and think me a dirtbag for saying it that way, but it was the Holy Spirit speaking through Isaiah's and the apostle Paul's words, not mine.

(and a kudos to Wycliffe for having the cojones to say, "turds" in a Bible. You can argue the merits of translating refuse, filth, rubbish, etc.. from skubala, but the point is clear: it is disgusting and to be cast off as something dirty when compared to the glory of Christ. The goal is to produce a horrible image to contrast with the glorious image of Jesus. Given that, perhaps "turds" does not go far enough.)

All that to say: Hell is true because Jesus said it was. To attempt to reason around it because you don't like it is understandable (misguided and foolish, but understandable). I don't like hell. But then again, I like to think of myself as being above the mean and not as deserving as God tells me that I am of death.

If hell is not real, Jesus' prayer to let this cup pass was rejected by a sadistic and unimaginative Father.

There was no other way. Jesus had to die.

"Why?" you ask. Because hell is real and people you love are likely going there.

Without Jesus in this life, it will be life under His wrath in the next.

Read Kevin DeYoung's fantastic and thorough review HERE.

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  1. i agree 100%. if there is no hell, it indicates that we aren't really all that bad, or that however bad we are isn't enough to require punishment or indicate complete separation from god. if this is true, what is the point of the cross. like pastor troy said, what does it indicate about god (and our sin) that simply eating a piece of fruit was enough to KILL adam and eve spiritually? to have them cast out of god's presence? that shouldn't be taken lightly.