Thursday, February 16, 2012


While writing my St. Valentine's day blog I discovered that blogger's spellcheck does not recognize convenantal as a word. It highlighted it to direct my attention to my mistake. Here are the options it gave me to "fix" it:

So I guess "blogger" has gone the way of the world as well and promises just aren't promises anymore. What ever happened to the day when at least the dictionaries weren't ashamed of truth. It's not like they are even positing it or creating an apologetic for it. They are simply asked to define the words.

By the way, could there be an absolutely worse "substitute" recommended by blogger for covenantal than "conveniently," or "convenient."

A covenant is anything but. It is work. It is faithful. It is long-suffering. But it is Godly.

It is not easy to keep your promises when the other party isn't. In a contract you could legally exit. In a covenant, you demonstrate Christ's love for the church by keeping your word to an unfaithful lover.

To most, unfortunately, marriage is a contract, not a covenant. Marriage is convenient, not covenantal. And that's counting only the ones who even bother getting married. At least those living together and playing marriage have not promised before God and man to be covenantal. They may one day experience the shame of their choices, but woe to the Christian who is covenantally bound to their spouse and takes their promises lightly.

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