Tuesday, May 26, 2015

day no. 13,364: categorical errors‏

Stan Hayek dropped some knowledge he gleaned from Mark Driscoll the other day and I took mental notes.

1. Die
2. Divide
3. Discuss
4. Decide

There are hills on which we ought to die.

There are things over which we ought to divide.

There are things we ought to discuss.

There are things we must personally decide.

Much hurt, sin, suffering and scandal occurs when we kill others or force them to kill us over things which we could have merely divided, discussed or decided on a personal level.

The same can be said of elevating any issue to a categorical place it ought not to be.

The difficulty can often be in determining which details fall into which categories, but it is helpful, at least on the front end, to perhaps understand that these 4 realms of category even exist in order to understand that EVERYTHING is not worth dying or dividing over.

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