Wednesday, May 6, 2015

day no. 13,344: unguarded strength is double weakness‏

"Unguarded strength is double weakness." ~ Oswald Chambers

A fire is strong.

It can accomplish a great deal of good or bad depending on where it is and how it is handled.

But it IS strong.

Either way.

Harness it and you can heat homes, cook food, light the dark, etc...

Leave it unguarded or unprotected and it can destroy homes, burn food, blacken the earth, etc...

You'd be better off NOT having fire than having fire that you don't guard.

It is the same with any strength you may have.

Physical, mental, emotional, etc...

Whatever time, talents, treasures you may have that possess in themselves power can be harnessed for great good and glory to God.

But ignored or left unguarded they can burn others and yourself down to the ground.

It would have been better in the end to not even have the money, talent, gift, etc.. than to have it and have left it unguarded and ignored.

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