Tuesday, February 18, 2014

day no. 12,902: burn them all down, my God, my God‏

I was listening to Ghost Ship's "One God" the other day and was struck by the lyric

"Burn them all down, my God, my God!"

I began reflecting upon the idea of asking God to burn down the altars and idols of my heart. Begging Him to intercede and destroy by violence those things in my heart and head that war against giving Him full rule and reign over everything I frequently call "me."

I want to be obedient to take my axe to the trees I'm able to cut down and to put in the effort to raze the idols I've raised up, but if I am to be truly set free from idolatry, God will have to destroy by fire and trial and difficulty those which are grafted to my heart.

I want God to kill and knock over that which would compete for affection with Himself.

It is a scary proposition to offer up to God however.

He is zealous for His Name.

He will certainly come and honor that request. He is excited to make more of Himself in my heart and He is eager to destroy those and that in me wihch opposes Him.

Everything that wars against God will be destroyed someday: even that which is left in me which wars against Him. 

By His grace, after this devastation takes place, I will be left before Him to worship in Spirit and truth forever.

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