Friday, February 14, 2014

day no. 12,898: the Christian life begins and ends in frustration‏

It occurred to me today how frequently my plans become frustrated by certain things or people or circumstances or whatever.
Then it occurred to me that the entire Christian faith is based upon the embracing of frustrated plans. Not only merely accepting, but worshipping God in loud and lavish worship for ruining our lives.
If we are saints, it is because our sinful selves were interrupted and frustrated by a God who mercifully condescended to intervene and redirect our hearts and minds to new affections.
The Christian life begins with a frustration.
Praise God for His attentiveness to frustrate our lives, for not allowing us to wander without wonder, for not giving us the objects of our desires which are not He Himself.
Should it now be any different?
Is frustration only the entrance point to becoming a child of God?
God is gracious to continually interrupt and frustrate our lives in order to accomplish that which His Spirit desires. And praise Him forever for it. Over and over my days have ended differently than their design was in the AM on my sticky notes and planners.
Praise God!
I did not ink into my day: have epiphany about perspective of frustrations.
I did not know to ask or plan for it.

Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the Lord,
and He will give you your heart’s desires.
May the increasing desires of our hearts be He who has promised us His entire Person by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
May we gain daily more of that which never runs out, drink that which never runs dry, feast on that which never spoils, treasure that which never rusts, live for that which never dies: Jesus Christ, God Almighty, our King and Savior FOREVER.
So frustrate my days again and again my King.
Frustrate them inasmuch as they do not have You as their end.
Change my delights by taking from me that in which I delight in such manner and fashion as to rob You of that which You deserve.

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