Monday, February 17, 2014

day no, 12,901: common era C and E Christianity‏

We had 490 people at Candeo's first Christmas production. That is amazing. We usually average around 300. So that's nearly 200 extra people today.

People come out for the Christmas.

They also will often show up for Easter.

We endearingly refer to these as C and E Christians.

They are good for 2 out of 52 weeks in a given year.

I reflected upon this today and began thinking about these holidays in terms of birthdays and funerals.

Birthdays and funerals are major life-markers (extremely major in the case of funerals since they are about the most life-changing event in any one person's given life).

But how much relationship do you have with someone if you only attend their birthday parties and their funeral?

Is it enough to say you know a person?

I'm glad you're alive.
I'm sorry you're dead.
It was nice to know you.

But did you really know them?

I don' think it's unfair to question the legitimacy and reality of a person's claim to relationship with someone they do not spend much time with. In any other realm, it seems the answer would be obvious.

Don't deceive yourself.

It's no different here.

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