Friday, October 11, 2013

day no. 12,772: to whom do you run?

Atticus: Can I get the legos out?
Todd: Not right now. If you put away the tools, you can get the legos out.
Atticus: But I want the legos out.
Todd: I understand, then put the tools away.

At this point, Atticus begins to cry and runs TO me.

I love this about kids.

They appeal to me with their requests and place their hopes and dreams in my hands and when I say, "No" they do not run from me in tears and anger and frustration, but in tears and anger and frustration they run TO me.

Atticus is able to think of me as BOTH authoritative AND comforting. I am the one he runs to when he is scared or sad even when my decisions are what creates in him sadness.

What a beautiful picture of our relationship with the Father through Christ.

We are free to request.
He is free to be God.
We cling to Him whatever happens.

The Gospel observed in the pattern of my children and the love of their daddy.

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