Tuesday, October 1, 2013

day no. 12,762 continued... nursing moms in Nineveh‏

If you were a nursing mom in Nineveh about the time Jonah rolled through town preaching, “In 40 days Nineveh will be demolished!” what would you have done when this happened?
Jonah 3:6-9
6 When word reached the king of Nineveh, he got up from his throne, took off his royal robe, put on sackcloth, and sat in ashes. 7 Then he issued a decree in Nineveh:
By order of the king and his nobles: No man or beast, herd or flock, is to taste anything at all. They must not eat or drink water. 8 Furthermore, both man and beast must be covered with sackcloth, and everyone must call out earnestly to God. Each must turn from his evil ways and from the violence he is doing. 9 Who knows? God may turn and relent; He may turn from His burning anger so that we will not perish.
Choose your own adventure, but choose wisely and provide your rationale in the comments section.
(If you are a man reading this, think in terms of how you would head up your household under these circumstances. This is your wife and newborn.)
Don’t be hasty.
Take your time and flesh it out.
No one’s got a gun to your heard.

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