Saturday, March 4, 2017

day no. 14,012 continued... bringing a brother to a knife fight

Today Atticus and Penelope went out to play in the backyard for the afternoon. Atticus came inside requesting to get his knife from its lock box in his bedroom (an old Korean War ammunitions box he got for Christmas from his grandparents). I asked why and he said Penelope had heard someone scream in the distance and he wanted to protect her and make her feel safe. Few things swell my heart with pride more than watching my boy be a man.

Men use their muscle and their minds to serve, provide and protect others. Boys use them only to advance their own causes. 

I acquiesced with a few instructions. Your knife is either a tool or a weapon, but it is not a toy. We don't play with knives. It is for work or for war. And since he doesn't know how to whittle yet, it's sole purpose at this point would be only for war as a weapon. He stated he understood and that he just wanted to have it on his person (my words obvs) in case he needed it and to make Penelope feel safer in the meantime. 

A little while later, Penelope has to come inside to use the restroom and I overheard her ask Atticus if he'd be OK by himself while she was indoors to which he responded, "Yeah, I have my pocket knife, I'll be fine."

The pride and joy of just sitting back and watching my kiddos is breathtaking. It's a good life.

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