Sunday, October 5, 2014

day no. 13,131: preaching Genesis 42-45 at Candeo this morning

This morning I am teaching on Genesis 42-45 at Candeo Church in our series "Introducing God" going through the whole book of Genesis.

In case you missed it, here's the run down.

1. God's Grace Produces Grief
2. God's Grace Provides Perspective
3. God's Grace Changes Lives
4. God's Grace Saves Sinners

1. We see God graciously helping Joseph's brothers to feel the weight of guilt for their sin committed against their brother over 30 years previous.  At the time, they felt no shame or guilt at the time they did the wickedness against Joseph.

2. We see God graciously helping Joseph's brothers see their problem not merely as one against man, but against God.  Against God they have sinned in sinning against their brother and it is with Him that they have to conduct the business of making it right.

3. We see God graciously give Judah a selfless and sacrificial heart.  Earlier he had helped his brothers sell Joseph into slavery although Joseph had done nothing wrong.  Now we see him begging to be sacrificed instead of his brother Benjamin (even though as far as he knew, Benjamin was actually guilty of sin and deserving of Pharaoh's wrath).

4. We see God graciously orient history and circumstances around saving Joseph's brothers.  He saved Joseph, but He did that in order to save the very brothers that had abused Joseph in the first place.  God's grace extends to those who do not deserve and in fact, deserve something bad in return for their actions.

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