Tuesday, August 19, 2014

day no. 13,084 continued... so that happened.

I prayed on Monday night that by the end of the day on Tuesday I would have a new job.

There was a phone interview scheduled with CBE for 1pm, so I had reason to hope that perhaps the interview would go well enough that a job offer would be made at the end of that interview.

I had also been asked to meet Paul and Stan for coffee at Panera before work to hang out and spend some time together.

What resulted was a conversation about the needs of Candeo Church and the gifts and skills Paul and Stan believed me to possess.  The cool part was that the church’s needs and my skills were one in the same.

Paul and Stan had come prepared to offer me a job working along their capable sides as the new Administrative Pastor of Candeo Church.

In addition to coming on board, I would also begin attending Cornerstone School of Theology to begin working on my MATS degree (Masters of Arts in Theological Studies) which will wrap up at the end of the summer of 2016.

The idea being perhaps after 2 years of experience in full-time vocational ministry and a completion of theological training, I may be asked to help plant the first church outside of the walls of Candeo (and perhaps the first 3C Network church to bust outside of the borders of Iowa).

I called Paige on the drive to work and in little to no time it was determined that I should respond quickly in the affirmative.

So as of late this morning, I put in my resignation at CUNA Mutual and accepted the offer of Candeo Church.

Amazing, right?

God heard my prayer and answered my heart’s desire.

It is not to say that this happened immediately.  In fact, I had been praying this for months prior to this day.  I felt like the widow relentlessly knocking on the door begging for resolve.  I don’t know how long she banged on that door, but I glean from the parable that it was after plenty of opportunity to stop knocking and to quit.

I can relate.

What relief, joy exhaustion, rest, etc… came when that door was opened.

It has been one of the more difficult seasons of my short life.

I’m glad it’s over.

I’m excited to move forward.


  1. That's great, Todd! I'm glad that God has answered your prayers this way and that He will use the skills He has given you to bless the church. And you are blessed to have a wife who sees that and supports and encourages you in this. She's a pretty great lady, in my humble opinion. ;)

    1. Your humble opinion about my wife is so awesome it should boast from the rooftops. Your opinion is the humblest!!!