Sunday, May 11, 2014

day no. 12,984: the day to celebrate baby houses

Being a mom is hard.

It is not likely the hardest job in the entire world as some would condescendingly argue , but it is uniquely difficult for sure. (Check out THIS RANT from my wife on the subject).

The paradox mom's are often faced with is this: if you do your job really well, you put yourself out of job permanently.  I suspect that is why proverbs like this exist:
Proverbs 23:22
Listen to your father who gave you life,
and don’t despise your mother when she is old.
Cut your mom some slack.
She knows that you're not a child anymore. She's glad that you're not.  It is a testimony to the quality of job she did that you don't  need her to cut up your food for you and land the plane for your vegetables. 
That said though, she does still worry about you and love you and well, "mother" you at times.
So here's to my wife who mothers 4 little kids every day knowing that someday they will no longer need her in the same manner that they do now.  If you fail to mother your kids, they need you to mother them forever.  If you mother them well, they grow up to not need you and resent, perhaps a little, the insinuation on occassion that they need ANY help from you.
So baby houses, here's to you. 
You grew a human being in your body and then got it out of you. 
You took that baby and fed them and lost sleep with them and got their pee and poop and your clothes and reoriented your free time to be available to serve them.
You taught them and loved them and fed them and clothed them.
You were not only a house for a baby for a time, but you provided a home for that baby to grow up and reflect upon.
Thank you mom for raising me and setting aside what surely were your own plans on many occassions in order to keep me from dying or starving for attention.
Thank you my wife for the hard work you do daily in laying yourself aside in order to serve others and teaching them to do the same when they are raised and ready to be released into the world.

Happy Mother's Day every other mother who reads this.
Thank you for sacrificing your lives in order to provide life and livelihood to the littles and least of the world.

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