Friday, May 2, 2014

day no. 12,975: catchphrase‏

“People don’t need you to be Jesus for them; they need you to NEED Jesus in front of them.”
I have found myself saying this phrase often in the various contexts I am privileged to do ministry.
This is what I hope I am modelling well for my friends and family as well as teaching emphatically to them as well.
If people need me to be Jesus for them, guess what? People are in trouble.
I’m not Jesus.
But if people observe me needing Jesus in front of them, they may see what it looks like to depend and trust and fall on Him alone.
If that inspires them to do the same, that’s a win.
I don’t need people to think I’m awesome, because I’m not.
God is awesome.
It makes much of Jesus to make more of my dependence and neediness of Him above all things.
If Jesus is helping you to succeed at the moment, share your victory in Christ by giving Him
the glory.
If you are failing your expectations of yourself, the commands of the Bible, your friends, your family, your Lord; share your failure with those around you by giving glory to the God who would save and love someone as broken as you are because of your faith and reliance upon Him.
People need to see you NEEDING Jesus.
Because you do.

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