Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thoughts from "Are You and Introvert or Extrovert?"

I recently listened to a small video by Mark Driscoll regarding leadership style referred to me by my awesome sister-in-Christ (how hokie Christianese is that?  For the record, she is my sister-in-law). You can listen HERE.

You do have to sign-up to listen, but it is very simple (email and name). Acts 29 is a fantastic organization fueled by Mars Hill and the Resurgence and Mark Driscoll.

Whether you lead people or not, you should take a moment to listen to this brief presentation comparing and contrasting the I vs. E dimension of the Myers-Briggs personality inventory.

I used to be a much stronger "E" than I currently am. I think having a wife and 3 children fills so much of that social energy for me that I am now more of an "I". Also, I get 2 hours of quiet time per day as I drive to and from work which meets a good portion of my "I" time. I get to bump into co-workers and have interactions all day. So by the end of it, I am ready to be alone at home with my family. I feel like an "E" at work. I love brief conversations with many different people. At home, I am an "I" and enjoy deep, rich relationship with my wife and kids.

I found this very helpful and useful. My wife and I had a great conversation about it after watching it together. If you have a wife or husband, watch it and discuss. It may be quite beneficial to forgiveness, understanding, and unity going forward for you both.

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