Thursday, January 5, 2012

Perfect, Patient, Glor'ous

The LORD in child did seek to dwell
And knit together in a womb
The chosen seed of Israel
Came down a babe aimed toward a tomb
By Holy Spirit was conceived
The Word of God veiled in our flesh
The true and promised Son of Eve
One born to die to disarm death

For unto us a Child is born
This perfect, patient, glor’ous morn
The Child though slain now lives and reigns
This perfect, patient, glor’ous day

Ancient of Days a babe became
The boundless God in skin was bound
As meek and mild came He to save
The timeless Lord in time was found
A toddler by Whom worlds were kept
A child in Whom no sin was birthed
A lad from Whom existence lept
Who walked on land; Who made the earth


A Man immortal rent His life
And shed all glory to Him owed
That by His death no more shall die
The sinless LORD with thorns was crowned
Upon a tree razed by our sweat
A Savior died, Good News to all
By God’s design, by Jesus’ death
The second Adam felled the Fall


That day unlike all passed before
A Savior born, Good News to all
That God with us our flesh has worn
And righteous found our toil He calmed
That day unlike all passed before
When Child o’er Whom His Father wept
Became our sin, and wrath He bore
For pierced and crushed paid He our debt


~ an original poem/hymn by Todd Henry Van Voorst

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