Thursday, June 18, 2015

day no. 13,387: jokes!

So the other morning before church I was inspired to take a picture of my darling lady Penelope as her hair was just sooooo curly and so cute and we had a moment to spare.

When I asked her to sit down to take her picture, I naturally wanted to inspire a genuine or Duchenne smile, so I asked her to tell me a joke in the hopes that she would entertain herself and do all the heavy lifting of making her smile while I merely pressed my index finger on the camera to capture a cute moment.

The following joke transpired:

Penelope: What did one gorilla say to the other gorilla?

Me: I dunno, what?

P: Nothing silly gorillas can't talk!!!

I Duchenne smiled.  That joke was legit and off the cuff to boot.  Such a sharp gal.

But that isn't all.

I wanted another opportunity to get a good picture and asked her to tell me one more joke.

So without hesitating, she created this gem:

Penelope: What did one shirt say to the other shirt?

Me: I dunno, what?

(now at this point I fully expected her to recycle the hook from the gorilla joke she just stuck the landing on previously having received 10s from all the judges, but she had another trick up her sleeve)

P: Tag.  Get it?

I thought about it for a split second.  Did she really just make a joke about shirts having tags? Did SHE even get it or was it a lucky coincident?

So I asked her what she meant:

P: Shirts have tags!

Yep, she's a sharp one that Penelope.

Man, I LOVE her so much.

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