Tuesday, December 25, 2012


No "L"?

What the "L"? 
Hey, back off punny boy.

But I digress.

(as a word of caution, the following video does contain a few cuss words, but the sentiment portrayed is one worth taking note)

We laugh at simple-minded Ricky Bobby as he refers to Jesus as a baby because its ridiculous, but we often do the very same thing in our own way and a Ricky Bobby baby Jesus Christmas is not so far off base for some.

Today many will pay lip service to Jesus by caricaturizing Him to whatever fits their particular fancy.

Most people like the Jesus who lets kids sit on His lap while telling Pharisees to stop throwing rocks at whores because "no one's perfect."

Most people like the Jesus who dies on the Cross for our sins. 
Most people even have a necklace with Him doing this on it.

Most people, however, (particulary Americans) do not like the Jesus who tells the rich young ruler to sell all his possessions. They do not like the Jesus who requires a person to abandon all else if they are to follow Him into eternity. They do not like the Jesus who has a robe dipped in blood and a sword for a tongue. 

Most people like the Jesus they have created in their own mind. 
Most people have created a Jesus who is an idol instead of the LORD.
Most people imagine Jesus likes what they like and dislikes what they dislike. 
Most people don't know Jesus.

Bah Humbug!

Today we celebrate the birth of the single most hated/adored/misunderstood/caricaturized man in the history fo the world. 

Also, He was God.
So if you have a problem with Him, that's your fault.

Merry Christmas!

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