Wednesday, December 5, 2012

happy birthday Atticus!

My son, Atticus, turns 4 years old today!

He is a thinker. 
He is cautious. 
He does not rush into anything. 
He is inherently skeptical of anything new he comes across. 
He is funny. 
He has lots of energy. 
He likes to build things from blocks. 
He likes to draw. 
He likes to sing songs about Jesus (that he makes up). 
He likes to play the drums, even if by "drums" he means chair and by "play" he means banging on them with wooden spoons. 
He knows that Jesus healed his heart when he was a baby and that this is evidence that Jesus hears our prayers and that He is all-powerful. 
He even knows that the fancy word for this is "omnipotent," although it is usually articulated more as "onmipnotent" 

He is awesome. 

You can watch my wife and me meet our son for the first time in person HERE.

I thank God for him daily and ask that he may be given faith at a young age, that he may escape many of the trappings of youth, and that he may live by and through faith in Jesus alone.

Today I get to celebrate 4 years of knowing my son. I am getting to know him more daily as God forms and reveals more of his personality through our interactions. 

I love you my son.  I pray that someday in the future you will presently be reading this post as a young man in whom God lives by His Spirit.  I pray you know then how much I have always loved you and still do.  You are my son.  You bring me joy upon joy and I am proud of you. 

I pray that you would on the day you are reading this know that you are loved by God above and by me beside and that this would produce in you reciprocity to us both.  Because you are so loved, I pray you love deeply in return.  May your heart belong to God and may you one day be more than a son to me, but also a brother in Christ, that we may be family forever in Him.

I love you my son. 
I always have. 
I always will. 

I loved you before you knew me. 
I knew you before you loved me.

I spoke to you before you could speak. 
I took care of you before you could care. 
I saw you before you could see. 
I heard you before you heard me.
I waited on you before you could wait.   
I waited for you before you were here.

I couldn’t wait to meet you before you were born.
And now I can’t wait to meet the man you’ll become.


  1. This is so sweet. I love your son. and the way you and paige love your son.

  2. that hamburglar costume is pretty much the best. i laugh at that picture every time.

    atticus, himself, is pretty much the best.