Friday, December 30, 2011

What the Gospel isn't

What is the Gospel? It is the ANSWER. What is the question? A wonderful, articulate, thorough, and helpful message delivered by Michael Horton will help codify the marching orders and solidify the basis on which we declare salvation in Christ.

Listen HERE.

I know that most people do not regularly take an hour out of their day to listen to a sermon (coincidentally most Christians would get rather uppity if their pastor went over the 35-40 minute message slot allotted on Sunday). But I am a sermon geek and as such love listening to sermons (even if they are closer to an hour long).

The Gospel is something. Because it is, it is also not other things, anything, or everything.

If we miss this, we risk turning the Message into the message. Both may be useful, but we lose something when we lose the categories into which these fall respectively. Christian culture often may lead one to lump everything together and create a great deal of confusion. The first generation recognizes the difference. The second one assumes the difference. The third assumes they're the same thing.

It's not a matter of pooping on your parade, it's a matter of distinguishing the importance of what is and what is not unique and special about the terms and their use.

I love the idea of a Gospel sports show if by that you mean a show that reviews sports news from a perspective and worldview that embraces and seeks to honor historical, orthodox, Christianity and tell people the Good News while telling them the sports news. However, what it often means is a show about sports by people who simply do not cuss or endorse unChristian behaviors (or run weekly series on the latest Tim Tebow updates). I am not against people promoting good language and good sportsmanship (or Tim Tebow - I like the guy). The problem is that those things are not the GOSPEL!

(and I am guessing Tim Tebow is the type of guy that would tell you he isn't the Good News).

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