Thursday, December 15, 2011

My only Law, My Heart to Break

My only Law, my heart to break
When in my sin, did see and faint
This golden lamp from which I stray
The lonely, narrow, blessed way

My only hope, my sin be seen
In Him, on Calv'ry, bled and died
This gracious shift, His blood for mine
Done in my place and for my sin

My only plea, the wrath owed me
On Him, in full and satisfied
This worthy Lamb, His death my life
Fulfilled the Law, cursed on a tree

My only Love, the warrior LORD
Traversed the gulf my sin had wrought
His deep concern, it fails Him not
To guide His thoughts to me the more

My only LORD, the great high King
To You salvation does belong
This anchor Rock, secure and strong
Firm in Your hand, to You I cling

My only priest, the life He lives
On earth, in Heaven intercedes
This wounded Lamb, His pray'r for me
Right hand of God, Hosanna, Christ!

My only boast, this light lit dim
By Holy Spirit sanctified
This change in me by Him inspired
A sealed reward, grace earned by Him

The dead alive, in Him reborn
In mercy, pow'r, O can it be?
This great exchange, His life for me
My only God, to You I turn

~ an original poem/hymn by Todd Henry Van Voorst

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