Thursday, December 29, 2011

He not Who by our hands make Him

If tongue lay slack, if words flat fall
Still God and Savior, King of all
'Tis not my task to make Him LORD
He reigns forever by His Word

When fail my heart ascribe Him worth
Authority owed in Heav’n and earth
Yet God above and God below
Rob not Him I the gl’ry He owns

Should life fall short when deeds we shirk
No lack has He who treasure births
E’er Name above all other names
Jesus, worthy of all our praise

When before earth’s foundation laid
The Mighty Lord, set course to save
From Heaven’s rest brought forth and sent
The precious LORD in self content

The Three in One, myst’ry divine
Lit bright the world no less He shine
Unending source of love and light
Made nought to all, unseen to sight

Speak we no more than He hath said
Speak we no less the Word as read
Only to God, no other owed
Our love forever, only boast

Not One Who needs us vet Him God
The King forever, liveth on
We be at peace when we agree
Find rest do we in bended knee

Bend not He to our fickle whims
The is to Come, the Was, the Is
Who’s owed no less the more we give
He not Who by our hands make Him

~ an original poem/hymn by Todd Henry Van Voorst

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