Saturday, April 29, 2017

day no. 14,068: happy 7th birthday penelly

Little lady ain't so little anymore.

It has been so much fun lately to watch God working on that brand new heart He gave you. The Holy Spirit is working on you in so many ways. It sometimes seems like more than your little mind, even if it now has 7 years experience, can handle. Just the other night when I was tucking you into bed you were crying because you just had too many sins to work on at the moment. You are feeling the weight of lying and being a liar and are faithfully repenting of lies you have told in the past while telling the truth in the present. But you are also feeling the prick of being inattentive and apathetic to me and your mom's voices. At least, you are feeling the pinch of our bringing it up to you at the very least. You are such a sweet girl. You love flowers and nature and wearing pink on Wednesdays, a fact that I whole-heartedly adore. Here's a picture your mom took of you on Wednesday, March 1st that she had you send to me while I was at work.

I love you, little girl. I wouldn't change a thing about you and I will gladly smash the face of anyone who would try to make you feel otherwise. I love looking out for you. I love you and I like you. You are a cool cat baby doll. I love your smile. Sometimes I watch you watching the television on family movie night when you don't realize I'm watching you. I can't help but smile. You bring me joy. I'm so glad I have you. I would not trade you for anything and anyone who wants you has to come through me!

Happy birthday. Here's to many more and as much pink as possible!

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