Friday, July 17, 2015

day no. 13,416: we cannot evolve into godliness‏

Oswald was spot on the other morning when he said,

We take a rational view of life and say that a man by controlling his instincts, and by educating himself, can produce a life which will slowly evolve into the life of God.

That is so often so true of me.

I think about other people that way and accuse them of being lazy if they are not as saintly as I assume they should be.

And I am easily often discouraged at my lack of progress assuming it is primarily my fault for not merely trying harder or being better.

But both assume an ability about mankind that is foreign to the Biblical truth of the matter.

We cannot produce the life of God in ourselves, by ourselves, by grit, will power, discipline and/or determination.

The fact of sin and the terrifying depths of its root in our hearts and heads must not be too quickly set aside in favor of more hope-filled flatteries of ourselves and hateful judgments of our neighbors.

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