Wednesday, June 18, 2014

day no. 13,022: Proverb$ 11‏

So Proverbs 11 had a lot to say about money today.

Let’s talk about that…
Proverbs 11
4 Wealth is not profitable on a day of wrath,
but righteousness rescues from death.
Money can’t buy salvation.
You can’t buy your way out of trouble in the end even if it works for now here.
7 When the wicked man dies,
his expectation comes to nothing,
and hope placed in wealth vanishes.
Everyone will give their wealth to someone else.
Some will give it back to God joyfully.
Others will wait to have it pried from their cold, dead fingers.
16 A gracious woman gains honor,
but violent men gain only riches.
If you are violent and aggressive, you can make bank.
But that is all you will get and you will only have it until you die and perish poor forever.
24 One person gives freely,
yet gains more;
another withholds what is right,
only to become poor.
Those who give freely and cheerfully receive what is most valuable: peace and freedom from the world.
Those who hold back in order to build bigger barns only inherit poverty.
25 A generous person will be enriched,
and the one who gives a drink of water
will receive water.
Those who eagerly protect what is theirs never find refreshment in the keeping of their things. There is only worry and anxiety about losing what they love.
Those who love God and love people will themselves be loved.
26 People will curse anyone who hoards grain,
but a blessing will come to the one who sells it.
Some people are worried that someday they may not have enough so they ignore those who do not have anything right now.
Those people are cursed by people and by God.
28 Anyone trusting in his riches will fall,
but the righteous will flourish like foliage.
Want to guarantee that you will fall? Trust in the uncertainty of riches.
They come, they go and your hopes are dashed.
The righteous will flourish as they are fed by the One who gives to those who empty themselves before Him.

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