Tuesday, October 16, 2012

giving credit where credit is done

My wife forwarded me a quote from a sermon my Michael Yousef this morning:

“The grace of God overrules our failure and then gives us credit for it.

The only thing we contribute to the Gospel is our sin that makes it necessary. We fail and fall short and are astonished to discover that in the confession of this fact we find forgiveness rather than the judgment we expected. We find grace where we expected consequence.

If the Spirit provides your heart with an accurate account of the wages you are owed for your life, an uneasy expectation of judgment is the only true and proper tally. And it is so. Your sin will require death and blood and violence and fury and wrath. This will either be vented in full upon you or upon Jesus on your behalf.

Jesus accomplishes what you cannot and then rewards you as though you had accomplished it. Yousef is spot on. That is the Good News! Praise be to God for His merciful favor and compassion and mercy. How big does this make Jesus to you? How worthy of honor and praise? How much does this elevate Him in your thoughts and responsiveness? If you by faith embrace this grace, Jesus is made more and more. How deserving of praise and worship He is for His sacrifice.

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