Friday, October 19, 2012


Tuesday’s with Travinci has produced a new term: Chrapathy (Christian apathy)
This is the term we coined to describe that phenomenon that occurs when a Christian foregoes studying the Bible when a topic is approached about which there is no consensus. For example: tongues. Should we have them in church? If so, how? If not, why then did they have them? Lots of good stuff and verses one could study to attempt a possible position regarding the subject. Lots of positions taken by lots of reputable persons. Lots of time in prayer, study, thought, conversation, etc... required to develop a conscience and personal position on the topic.

Chrapathy gives up. It’s too hard. Who can know? Who cares?
It is Chrapathy to simply forego discussing the subject because it is confusing and/or potentially controversial. Granted, this conversation is reserved only for in-house debate and by those mature enough in faith by grace to do so toward the end of loving, obeying and serving Christ more in accord with His will and our neighbor according to his greatest need.
It is also Chrapathy to simply assume a position and launch bombs against the opposing team on disgrace(face)book.
Both approaches are lazy. I am not indicating that only the learned, articulate, and (let’s face it – nerdier) types of Christians should be allowed to discuss the weightier matters of orthopraxy. I am saying that in due proportion to God’s grace in supplying you with ability to discern it, you should attempt to grapple with it.
Our tendency is either to give up trying to know God and His will in order to do whatever we actually wanted to do in the first place and thereby demonstrate our true lack of desire to conform our mind and will to God’s.
We attack other people in order to defend a belief we do not really believe.
Let's get to the good grappling.  Let's wrestle the good wrestling matches. Let’s not put up with this Chrapathy anymore, especially in ourselves.

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  1. ooh. apparently i'm chrapathetic. i do tend to shrug off the stuff that seems impossible to ever figure out...