Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thoughts from "Obsolete" by Sara Groves

This song came up on my random play list the other day while listening to my iPod (or my iTodd - pardon me if I've used that joke before). 

You can listen to it HERE.

Here are some lyrics that stood out to me:

And you don't know where you stand
And you feel so small and thin
And if you are dismissed
Will another take you in?

And you don't know where you stand
And did something pass you by?
And if you are dismissed
Will you get another try?

And I know I shouldn't care
If I'm out or if I'm in
Cause if I am dismissed
Oh You always take me in

This really speaks to our insecurities without Christ and our need for Him to heal even our continual disbelief in His sufficiency after we have accepted His sacrifice initially.

After all, what will happen to us when we are discarded?  When we fail and fall short and are no longer owed the respect for which we previously clamored?  In those moments when all for which we worked is rendered stubble, do we still have something on which (or on Whom) we can stand?  If we are dismissed, are we able to be restored? 

That desperate plea, that ache of lonely, confused, pessimistic doubt that we can be fully confident before God in Christ coupled with the positive assurance of our inability to do so confidently without Him is what we need. 

What happens to us when seventy times seven is eclipsed?  Is there an end to God's proverbial rope or a number of straws that would break even His large, long suffering back? When we are evicted by the guilt of our own shortcomings, is there anywhere for us to find respite and repose? 

Yes, Yes, in Christ Jesus, ever may our cry be, "Yes!" 

My heart is constantly prone to render these questions and desperate again and again to hear the Good News that God in Christ Jesus is for me and no longer against me.  Praise God for His reconciliation.  There was a real distance, a real eviction, a real dismissal.  And there is a real Savior, Reconciler, Redeemer, and Lord who restores, confirms, strengthens, and establishes me in His courts forever, Amen!

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