Monday, June 11, 2012

John 11

Happy June 11! Enjoy John 11. :)

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Friends I've lied more times than I've been caught
And too many times I take more than I give
When I want my way the way I want it I'm hopeless
Every day I have to die so I can live

Sometimes I get angry I just scream and yell
Think I'd rather just go to hell
When I finally shed my pride
Let the Holy Spirit reach me from the inside

I rise up like Lazarus in John 11
Throw out my grave clothes
Put on the armor of the Lord
Yeah, I rise up like Lazarus
Dry all the tears Mary cried
When I fall on my knees, I rise!

O sometimes I want to sing along
When the crow sings her nasty song
Like Mary and Martha, "Please don't let our brother die!"
How quickly I forget the story
The painful day for God's glory was revealed in Jesus Christ

So let the grace of God wash over me all my days
As long as skin and bone hold on to me.
Lord I know 'til the day you free me from my sin
Your love will take me in just as I am, not as I should be

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