Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lesson from Church: 1/29/12

Today in church as a follow up to our completion of the book of Revelation, we are beginning a short series entitled: "Letters to Cornerstone" where we attempt to address the issues we speculate Jesus would address by letter if by His Spirit John wrote to us. Not necessarily that specifically, but you get the gist of it.

Today's topic was: Personal Worship

Some points of interest (to me)

(1) John was one of Jesus' best friends during His human life and when John met the resurrected, glorified Christ at the beginning of the book of Revelation, he fell down at his feet as a dead man. Jesus is infinitely glorious and worthy of all praise, adoration, fear, and honor.

(2) The word worship comes from an anglo-saxon word "worth scipe" It can be loosely defined as "the action of delight." We can worship many things, but the Bible makes it clear that only He is due worship, owed worship, worthy of worship. So much so that everything else in comparison seems like hatred. Not because you must hate everything other than Jesus, but you must love Him so much that the next thing in line is so far beneath it that one could say that you hate it per se.

(3) The Gospel in Jesus Christ is our call to satisfaction. It is our call to enjoy Him most that He might be made most to us.

(4) Despite popular notion: the pursuit of God is not at odds with the pursuit of joy.

(5) “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” ― A.W. Tozer

(6) The Gospel is the fuel for producing this joy and love and rich satisfaction. It is not another "to do" list of disciplines to produce in us or fake before men a certian pious hand-raising, tear-filled joy. It is a deep apprecation of gratitude and love and joy produced by the Spirit's reminding you of the grace of God in Christ Jesus.

It was a good reminder to enjoy God and to pursue Him, to make Him our hightest aim and to find our deepest satisfaction in Him by cutting off that in which we are tempted to delight that is not Him.

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