Wednesday, October 26, 2016

day no. 13,883: chiasm

I've never been one to force chiasms on the texts I am studying, but this one came about rather organically. While studying John 8:31-59 for the past few weeks in preparation for an upcoming sermon at Salt Company, I began to see a pattern emerging as I outlined of the passage. Typically the focal point of a chiasm is the center pair, which in this case would be the issue of freedom in Christ and consequentially slavery outside of Christ. This seems central to the passage and the primary impetus behind the ferocity with which the "believers" reject their Deliverer.

A - Many believers (31)
     B – Jesus' authoritative word (31)
          C - You will know the Truth (32)
               D – You will be set Free (32)
               D – Slaves to Sin (34)
          C – Sons of the Liar (44)
     B – Jesus' authoritative claim (58)
A – Many murderers (59)

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