Tuesday, October 27, 2015

day no. 13,518: the love of a father

This thought is far from exhausted, but I wanted to capture some of it even if its only a snapshot of thoughts in process.

I don't love a lot of people. I like most people, but I don't love many.

I think God is using my family and the growing number of children who call me, "Daddy," to increase the number of people I adore in this world both in quantity and in diversity.

Each child is so different in personality, features, voice, character, etc... and I love them all fiercely. God is growing me in capacity to love and commit myself to more by giving me an ever growing flock of littles for whom my heart leans in without exception.

Praise God for using the dreams and aspiration He placed on my heart to better me and expand my ability and willingness to love and spend myself to more.

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