Wednesday, November 21, 2012

wake up called

Daniel 12:2

2 Many of those who sleep in the dust
of the earth will awake,
some to eternal life,
and some to shame and eternal contempt.

Eternal life sounds awesome as long as you imagine that it is filled with rest and recreation. I want to go to there.

Howver, imagine a life filled with shame and contempt forever. I would rather die and be dead forever than be alive in a state of shame and embarrassment forever. People say things like, “I was so embarrassed I could have died.” This assumes that death would alleviate the embarrassment. Scripture confirms for us that those who reject God will not escape the humiliation they have accrued in their indignation, but will rather be exposed to it over and over again forever.

People in hell literally say things like, “I am so embarrassed, I wish I could die," and these words actually mean something since the hyperbole is removed.

We all have had thoughts on which we have not acted. We have had desires to say or do things we have withheld. These things perhaps were stifled by a stuffy cultural backdrop or the cowardice of the thinker. Either way, we often restrain ourselves on our own volition. We have more to say than we say. We desire to do more than we do. These are not secrets we will keep forever.

He knows.

He knows that there is evil we wish we could have done. 
He knows that there were good intentions we were too lazy or too busy to complete.

The truth be told, there are two types of people in this world:

(1) People who believe there are two types of people
(2) People who don’t believe that there are two types of people.

Some people are wrong.

some to eternal life, and some to shame and eternal contempt.

He knows both full well and both are bad.
But eternity pivots not upon our badness, but solely upon Jesus' goodness.
Those found in Him fall one way and those who are not fall the other.
This is not to make more of you and your sin's significance per se.
Rather, this is primarily purposed toward making more of Jesus.

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